Foreign-Trade Zones

Foreign - Trade Zones

Any good logistics strategy has to be supported by elements that provide value to the commercialization process.  Some companies transport thousands and thousands of lots of products every day, which generates movement in its economy and the economy of the participating countries in each exchange of goods. There is also an extra payment for each […]

Livestock Industry in Mexico

Livestock Industry in Mexico

Mexico is worldwide recognized for being a livestock country, it counts with large territorial areas where one of the principal developed activities is the cattle, swine, sheep, goat, and poultry farming. Mexico is among the principal beef producers and exporters internationally, with an annual production of about 2 million tons.  What is livestock farming?  Livestock […]

Trends and opportunities in logistics


Logistics is an important element within the international commerce process. It directly focuses on the user experience, differentiation from competitors, and providing added value to the company by measuring customer satisfaction in terms of time and conditions of the arrival of their order. Due to all the changes that digital evolution has generated in the […]

What is international logistics?


The economic, technological, political, social, and cultural evolution on a global scale generates the communication and exchange of ideas between countries. International Logistics creates dynamic commercial relationships, where industries meet each country’s needs participating in the marketing process. International logistics is the process by which International Market Demand is satisfied. It allows countries to connect […]

Smart Warehouse: The future of industries


The smart warehouse has been very useful in the logistics industry since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. All industries saw the need to make drastic changes in the production and storage of their products with the implementation of technologies.

How to reduce logistics costs?


When we talk about logistics and cost reduction, we mean  all strategic management from dispatch to the delivery of any product to the customer.  All this is possible with certain techniques or tools that will help the company to achieve its objectives with reduced costs to improve its logistics and be more competitive. Strategies to […]

What is a Customs Broker?


At NCH International Trade Services, we want to help industries successfully navigate importing and exporting process for their products, services, or goods…