Foreign-Trade Zones

Any good logistics strategy has to be supported by elements that provide value to the commercialization process. 

Some companies transport thousands and thousands of lots of products every day, which generates movement in its economy and the economy of the participating countries in each exchange of goods. There is also an extra payment for each amount that is purchased: taxes.

The amount of money varies depending on the country in which it made the purchase or sale deal. Most of the time, merchandise goes through many intermediaries as it travels from one country to another.

Foreign-Trade Zones

What are Free Trade Zones? and What benefits do they provide to companies?

Foreign Trade Zones are areas authorized by the U.S. federal government where U.S. or foreign companies can load, unload, handle, store, handle, manufacture and display goods for reshipment by land, water or air. 

The benefit of utilizing these zones is that they are duty-free or have a significant reduction in duties so that U.S. companies can be competitive in the global marketplace to create and retain the capital investment and employment opportunities that result from these operations.

These spaces are a great help for traders and make the international commerce process easier for both parties. In Foreign Trade Zone exist better organization of inventory, entering and leaving the zone, documents legally endorsed by the U.S. government, and simplified logistics, since there is prior approval from the Customs Department. Also, you can submit a single entry for seven consecutive days of entries and exports.

As leaders, NCH International Trade Services, we conduct our FTZ Program expertise for CBP forms, processes, representation, dealing implementations with other types of formal Customs Department entry procedures.

NCH International Trade Services can assist you in operating an FTZ at your facility!

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