Smart Warehouse: The future of industries

The smart warehouse has been very useful in the logistics industry since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. All industries saw the need to make drastic changes in the production and storage of their products with the implementation of technologies.

What is a smart warehouse?

A smart warehouse consists of the corporate data storage system that integrates and manages information, to then process it and improve decision-making. It is an integral and complete solution for warehouse operations, which offers high flexibility, modularity and maximum automation, becoming an indispensable element in the logistics of any industrial sector from electronic commerce, to industries such as pharmaceuticals or electronics.

Two smart warehouse types

There are two types of smart warehouses:

1. Data warehouse.

It is a system that stores and combines large amounts of information from different sources in a single, centralized data warehouse. In the data warehouse, it is possible to analyze such information from different points of view at a high speed.

2. Data lake

It is a storage repository that contains a large amount of raw data and is kept there until needed. Unlike a hierarchical data warehouse that stores data in files or folders, a data lake uses a flat architecture to store data.

 Benefits of a smart warehouse for the industry

The smart warehouse plays a fundamental role to achieve different benefits in your industry such as:

1.   Improve the ability to make decisions

The smart warehouse allows for the integration of old and current data. It makes it possible to convert all of this into useful information that increases decision-making power.

The structured way in which the smart warehouse stores information is very useful, allowing the creation of reports. With this, the staff manages the information in real-time, avoiding the delays that the process would have when carried out in a conventional way.

2.   Perform predictive maintenance

This tool allows for remote monitoring of machine operation. For this, it uses data and measures that will allow anticipating or predicting errors and equipment failures.

3.   Improve staff safety

Besides implementing strict protection measures, due to COVID-19, companies use technology to remotely interconnect with personnel. In this way, personal distancing is maintained without affecting the production and operation of the companies.

Warehouse application in the automotive industry

Make a review of raw material inputs, storage, and availability of the final product; These are actions that the smart warehouse improves remarkably in the automotive industry.

Smart warehouse and other business sectors

In addition to the automotive industry, other sectors have implemented the smart warehouse and have been benefited. Some sectors are:

·         Electrical components industry

·         Liquid distributors

·         Agroindustrial 

·         Aerospace industry

·         Medical supplies

·         Home appliances and textiles

·         Perishable products and other consumer goods

·         Customs management

How NCH provides its warehousing service

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In this way, we help the industrial sector in the United States and Mexico to improve the control and management of inventories and warehousing.

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