Trends and opportunities in logistics

Logística y Transporte is an important element within the international commerce process. It directly focuses on the user experience, differentiation from competitors, and providing added value to the company by measuring customer satisfaction in terms of time and conditions of the arrival of their order.

Due to all the changes that digital evolution has generated in the different market processes, logistics has been evolving by adapting to new strategies that benefit from daily emerging and changing technologies. 


What trends applicable to logistics have emerged in recent years?

  • Blockchain

Strategy being implemented by large companies to centralize their information in a database, which is distributed to several computers and each of these computers has an exact copy of all the information that is uploaded to the system and a record of each operation that is performed.

Customers are looking for speed and efficiency in their orders, which is why Blockchain technology is increasingly used by companies, seeking to streamline the exchange of data with the user in a secure and fast way, which will allow a reduction in costs and risk.

  • Process automation or picking

Picking is an internal process of the company, carried out in the warehouse where the team prepares customer orders. This process is affected by the demand increase, the quality that customers are demanding, and an important element: the inventory

The picking trend is strongly impacting the industrial and commercial sectors. By having an automated warehouse, you will be able to control time, costs, and inventory in real-time to meet the immediate customer’s needs when ordering something from your brand.

  • Care for the environment: Green Logistics

Damage to the environment is one of the biggest concerns worldwide, and companies are becoming more and more aware of it. 

The logistics sector is playing a part in reducing environmental damages through green logistics. It encourages companies to use friendly packaging and containers ensuring that their transportation does not generate carbon dioxide and eliminate the disposal of pollutants from their factories into the open air or rivers. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

Logística y Transporte can be a company’s best friend, but it can also be its worst friend if it is not correctly implemented. Artificial intelligence comes to innovate and renew the logistics processes by optimizing the shipping processes through order volumes and date planning. It also aims to streamline the work of the team and the organization of warehouses to meet the daily demand of the global market. 

These trends are gaining strength as more countries join the evolution of automated processes in their companies with market globalization.

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