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About NCH...

NCH International Trade Services has over 25 years in the international commerce compliance and customs brokerage business. The first steps began through contacts and the founder and CEO, Nelson Calzadilla’s knowledge in the Transnationals area. Now NCH International Trade Services evolves to NCH International Trade Services, regaining relevance against the local customs brokerage agencies.

Currently, we form a differentiation in the region of El Paso – Ciudad Juarez and gradually extended to Laredo and the Texas Valley. Some of our strategic clients are in Phoenix, Saint Louis, Missouri, EPTX, Michigan, Soutrill, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Our certifications & associations

Are you an Exporter?

Easily export your freight with NCH supply chain experts, your world-class service.

Are you an Importer?

Our import services facilitate international shipments.

Our Specialist

Facilitate the international trade solutions based on operational and informational excellence focused on the customer and strategic partners, innovating with cutting-edge technological tools.

Making the transportation of your goods an easy way.

Why choose NCH International Trade Services?


Our Mission

We are a dynamic organization with a strong network of fast, reliable, and comprehensive international trade services.


More than 25 years of experience assure that our industry experts are committed to giving a competitive advantage


We are committed to providing the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective solutions.


Our Vision

To become a leading partner renowned for its expertise and influential role in the development of trade practices.


We hold ourselves to high-quality standards and honesty, going beyond to do things the right way.


We constantly raise our added value to reach the corporate goals and give the best service.

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