What do the United States import and export?

The International Trade of the United States

As the world’s second-largest exporter after China, the United States is a major player in foreign trade worldwide. 

Canada and Mexico continue to be its biggest clients. Also, they are the best buyers, with 30% of American exports directed to these countries. 

Importance of International Logistics

Without cross-border logistical distribution, imports and exports can’t be effective. Hence the importance of international logistics. An adequate distribution strategy with well-defined logistic targets, technical, financial, and human resources optimization is essential to reduce unnecessary processes, costs and to improve efficiency in the whole global supply chain. 

International logistics allows making commercial trades around the world. It can be resourceful to big companies and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). In NCH International Trade Services, we help you open global distribution opportunities. 

Imports and Exports in International Trade

What products are the most exported from the United States? 

Among the most exported goods to the neighboring countries are:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Oil Industry 
  • Food Industry 
  • Aerospace Industry 
  • Industrial Machinery 

Exporting Industries in the United States

Food and beverages133.000 million dollars 
Crude oil, fuel, and other derivatives109.000 million dollars
Civil aircraft and aircraft engines 99.000 million dollars 
Automotive parts, engine, and car wheels86.000 million dollars 
Industrial Machinery 57.000 million dollars 
Passenger Cars53.000 million dollars 
Pharmaceutical Products 51.000 million dollars 

Mainly imports from the United States

  • Automobiles and other vehicles
  •  Specially designed Automobiles for people transportation
  • Crude petroleum oils
  • Machinery and Data Processing Units
  • Radio or Television broadcast equipment
  • Medications

Mainly Importing Countries of the United States

  • China ($429MM)
  • Mexico ($361MM)
  • Canada ($314MM)
  • Japan ($134MM)
  • Germany ($131MM)

NCH International Trade Services

Getting knowledge of the magnitude that international trade has to support in the global marketing of products and goods of the pharmaceutical, oil, food, and aerospace industries, along with industrial machinery, among others. It is vital to have a customs broker to trade and export and import efficiently and cost-effectively. 

In NCH International Trade Services, we succeed in eliminating the tariff and non-tariff barriers that may stand in the way of countries’ negotiations and industries’ commercialization, driving each industry’s opportunities in its global marketing of another country. Do you want to commercialize products worldwide? We can guide you. 

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